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The ends and outs of what we offer. Feel free to contact us for additional inquiries.

Working with Coffee

A. Joyful House Publishing & Design LLC is doing things differently, expanding our services to not only publishing books and illustrations, but to educational services, such as Instructional Design, Tutoring, and Reading Plans; to custom design needs for various products; to writing consulting and coaching. 




We're here to help you reach your dreams. Investing time, money and expertise to ensure each book is the very best it can be. Everything is done with intention of getting authors' brilliant work into the hands of readers every where. Note: Currently not accepting manuscripts


Voice Narrating

Narrating creates a unique perspective by giving voice, to the reader. This point of view is an essential element in storytelling, as it helps define the character(s) with whom the audience will sympathize and connect deeper with.


Learning Plan Design

Our learning planner assist with identifying learning activities working side by side with students on various topics that support overall learning and development goals. Our approach to learning is student-centered, allowing each student to grow in their specific way. 


Editing/Writing Consultant

Our editors plan, revise, and coordinate material for publication with books, website, etc. Asking questions to help the client clarify their focus, organize their writing, and support their ideas. We work with professionals, students, or any other individual or group.


Illustrating & Visual Design

Illustrating, creating, improving concepts, artwork, layouts and color. Designing an aesthetically pleasing product based on the creative briefs and client meeting notes. The designer helps make the final decision of a project.



Focusing on helping students who have fallen behind to read fluently and accurately. If you are interested in your student having an individualized reading plan made for them, please contact our Reading Specialist.

Something so simple as a bio can be stressful specially when it's the only thing left to complete a website. Writing Consultant Mycheille was beyond helpful, friendly and easy to work with. I recommend her for the small and big things. Thanks again!

DMarieHull Illistrations


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