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A. Joyful House Publishing & Design is built on a desire to help authors make their dreams come true. Our editor, Mycheille, started writing books when she was 12-years-old. She had an opportunity to get a book published at 21-years-old, but when she discovered it was a Vanity publisher (someone who expects the author to pay out money in order to publish), she knew she wanted something different. After trying self-publishing, she decided to create a publishing house that was different, and offer a twist on Traditional Publishing that does not ask the author to assume any risk. If we take your book, it means we believe in it enough to edit it, format it, create the cover, and help advertise it. We ask for no money upfront if your manuscript is accepted. You will receive royalties based on your contract with us.

In addition to publishing books, we also offer other services including Instructional Design, Learning Plans, Tutoring, and Writing Consulting. Additionally, we offer products from books, holiday cards, bookmarks, and more. 

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Our Story

The ends and outs of what we offer.

Note From The Owner

In February 2020, my 7-year-old daughter and I were on a drive and she started to tell me how she dreamed about her and I working together someday making books. She loves to draw and is incredibly talented already, and she told me how she wanted to illustrate the books while I wrote them. She went on and on about the company we would have someday, and it relit the hope inside of me for my future company. I have wanted to own my own publishing company since I was 18 years old, and it was my 7-year-old daughter that helped inspire me to make an 11-year-old dream come true. 

Meet The Team

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